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Ragged Peak  

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Young Lake

Young Lake

On way to Young Lake

On way to Young Lake

Yosemite Valley


Tuolumne Meadows to Young Lakes


Distance 6.19 miles - 1 way
Type Out and back


Mid to late
Recommended Trip 

1 day - long day hike

2 days -  moderate overnight

Topo Maps Tioga Pass
Trailhead Lembert Dome Trailhead

Beg/End 8730'/9889' 

Gain/Loss +1824'/-665' = 1159'

Avg. Grade 8%



All Pictures from 09/24/97

Tuolumne Meadows to young Lakes:

The three Young Lakes, nestled under soaring Ragged Peak, offer a large selection of camp sites, some in heavy woods and some at the timberline. 

Just a minor note: I noticed some confused hikers returning early, they only went as far as Delaney Creek. Apparently, they couldn't find the continuation of the trail from the creek bed. However, I had no problem finding it.

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