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Agnew Meadows to Thousand Islands Lake


Distance 7.93 miles - 1 way
Type Out and back


Mid-Late Summer (There are Mosquitoes through August)
Recommended Trip 

3 days - Moderate

Topo Maps Mount Ritter, 7.5' Map Series
Trailhead Agnew Meadows

Beg/End 8326'/9847' 

Gain/Loss +1836'/-315' = 1521'

Avg. Grade 7%

Pic 1 (168k)

Thousand Island Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes in the area, Thousand Island lakes has many grass and rock covered islands scattered throughout the lake. The southwest side of the lake is a great place to relax and take a nice nap along the shore. Beware of bears, we came across one the first night. A curious bear decided to play around with my bear cache and clawed at it for a few minutes before I woke up and scared it away. There are also many marmots and rodents so be careful not to leave any food lying around as they will find it!

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