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Coldwater Campground to Duck Lake


Distance 5.01 miles - 1 way
Type Out and back


Mid to late
Recommended Trip 

1 day - long day hike

2 days -  moderate overnight

Topo Maps Bloody Mountain
Trailhead Coldwater Campground (Turn left before Lake Mary)

Beg/End 9129'/10477' 

Gain/Loss +1794'/-446' = 1384'

Avg. Grade 11%


 duck_lake1.gif (210187 bytes)

Duck Lake with Pika Lake in the background.

All Pictures from 09/22/97

Coldwater Campground to Duck lake:

Take Lake Mary Road from Downtown Mammoth Lakes. You will make a left hand turn just before Lake Mary. Proceed to the Coldwater Campground. Head southeast to a sign and pass it. Follow the signs to Duck Pass.

The Duck Pass Trail is a long dusty trail that is a fairly moderate climb until you pass Barney Lake. The trail traverses along Arrowhead, Skelton, Woods, Red and Barney Lakes. After you pass Barney Lake you begin the steep switchbacks of the Duck Pass. There is very little cover along this stretch of trail all the way to Duck Lake, so you may want to carry a hat and plenty of sun screen. Stay on the main trail which leads off to the right around Duck Lake. If you look along the southwest side of the lake, you can see the beautiful Cascade Valley in the background.

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