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Devil's Postpile National Monument to Rainbow falls


Distance 3.62 Miles - Round Trip
Type Semi-loop


Mid or late
Recommended Trip 

1 day

Topo Maps
Trailhead Devil's Postpile Trailhead. (Devil's Postpile Tram Stop)

Beg/End 7563'/7670'' 

Gain/Loss +396'/-289' = 107'

Avg. Grade 5%


 Devils_Postpile1.gif (497951 bytes)

Devil's Postpile National Monument:

The hike to Devil's Postpile is very easy, and is mostly downhill all the way to Rainbow Falls. The postpile is beautiful with its geologically interesting hexagonal posts, which were formed from drying lava. The lava is basalt and the piles were caused by erosion which broke pieces of the posts into the piles blow.

The top of the PostPile is completely smooth, 10,000 years ago a glacier carved away the top layers of the postpile, leaving a shiny, and very slippery finish!

Other notable places to visit are Starkweather lake which is a small lake which is turning into a meadow. The lake is stocked regularly with trout, and occasionally Alper's Trout. Sotcher lake is the largest lake along the road, and is also stocked with trout. There are also elusive German Browns in the lake, some weighing over 20 pounds have been caught in the lake. Also of note along the lake are beavers and their dams.

The best way to see the Postpile and Rainbow falls is to start at the Devil's Postpile Ranger Station and hike along the San Joaquin River to the Postpile, and then continue down to Rainbow falls. The hike to the Postpile is only about 1/3 of a mile, and then about 2.2 miles to Rainbow Falls.

For more information: www.nps.gov/depo/depomain.htm


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